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Silicone Adhesive
Our offered Silicone Adhesive is used in electronics manufacturing to bond and seal components, protect against moisture and dust, and offer electrical insulation. It is highly resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, and aging, making them ideal for outdoor and long-term applications.
SMT Red Glue
SMT Red Glue Is a one-component,high-temperature, fast-curing epoxy adhesive. This product is used for bonding SMD components on printed circuit boards. Safe to use and fulfill environmental requirements.
Solder Ball
Solder Ball is required for connecting components to an electrical circuit board, though it can also be a important area for potential problems. It is one of the most common issues experienced with printed circuit boards (PCBs), making them important to know and prevent.
Solder Paste
Solder Paste is a mixture of minute solder spheres held within a specialised form of solder flux. Solder paste is used in PCB assembly as it offers significant advantages and its form enables the process to become a simple and easy process.

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